“Meet the Parents,” is a 2000 comedy starring Ben Stiller as Greg Focker that unfolds a series of unfortunate luck while meeting his girlfriend, Pam’s, family. The father, Jack, is played by Robert DeNiro and has a distrust for Greg that plays out throughout the plot. But the quick and easy installation of Gutterglove guards could have saved several aspects of Greg’s bad weekend.

After a couple of days of awkward interactions Greg mistakenly lets the family cat out of the house. During his search, he was smoking a cigarette on the roof of her parent’s house when he finally spotted Mr. Jinxy, also on the roof, nearing the edge. Greg flicked his cigarette and reached for the cat. But much to his dismay, that cigarette rolled into gutters filled with debris, igniting a fire and ruining Pam’s sisters’ backyard wedding. In all of the chaos, Greg also dropped Mr. Jinxy, who slid out of his collar and ran away.

If Jack had installed Gutterglove Gutter Guards, the whole weekend could have been saved from a dangerous gutter fire. With Gutterglove Gutter Guards, the chaos would have never incited and without that chaos, Greg would have saved Mr. Jinxy instead of letting him slip out of the collar.

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