Give the Gift of Gutter Guards

It’s that magical time of year. The days are growing shorter, your heating bill is growing larger, and holiday shopping is just around the corner. This year, consider spending your hard-earned cash on a gift that truly keeps on giving. Gutter guards make an excellent present for anyone in your life who owns a home. Gutterglove Gutter Guards, with more than 189,000 customer reviews, are the most trusted gutter guards in the industry, so you can feel confident in the quality of your purchase. 

New Homeowners

There is undoubtedly a new homeowner in your life; the real estate market is still pretty hot, even with rising interest rates and inflation. Those new homeowners, and first-time homebuyers especially, are likely more focused on indoor repairs and redecorating; after all, with all the excitement of buying a home, who has time to think about the gutters? Nonetheless, you can help them be proactive and prevent potential damage from clogged gutters. Debris-filled gutters can come loose, cause water damage to your roof, and even contribute to foundation issues from the overspill. Give the gift of clean gutters to your friends who are new homeowners, and you’ll be saving them time and money in the long run. 

Elderly Family Members

There’s no need for grandpa to climb the ladder and empty the gutters. Not only is it unsafe, but frankly, the man deserves a break from strenuous household chores. Consider gifting gutter guards to your elderly family members (or those with physical impairments). Gutterglove Gutter Guards feature a stainless steel micro-mesh layer that stops debris from clogging gutters in the first place — grandpa can stay off the ladder, kick his feet up, and work on the crossword puzzle instead. Plus, you can go the extra mile for your elderly family members by installing Gutterglove Gutter Guards yourself or hiring a pro to quickly do the job instead. 

Dads Who Love Football

Weekends during the fall season are meant for tailgating and watching football…not cleaning out the gutters. This holiday season, gift your dad Gutterglove Gutter Guards so he can have his Saturday afternoons back. Rather than scooping muck out of the gutters, he can crack a beer and rest easy, trusting the micro-mesh technology to keep those gutters clutter-free. Now, we know that dads love accessories for their tools; the Gutter Guard Brush comes free (plus shipping and handling) with each registered warranty. Your dad can easily attach this innovative brush to most extension poles, so he can quickly clean debris off his new gutter guards without having to pull out the ladder.


Is there someone in your life who likes to go the extra mile for the planet? They might not know that Gutterglove Gutter Guards can help make their home more sustainable. Gutter guards keep debris and other contaminants out of the gutters, keeping the water that flows from the roof and into the ground cleaner. Homeowners can even install their own rainwater collection system, which not only helps prevent runoff but can help decrease the water bill every month. Plus, Gutterglove Gutter Guards work with any rainwater catchment system. 

Bottom line: There’s a good chance that someone in your life would love the gift of Gutterglove Gutter Guards. This is a present that’s useful, sustainable, and unique. So, get a head start on your holiday shopping list and find gutter guards at your favorite retailer. Just visit our siteand click “DIY.” Or, find an installer for the job by clicking “Leave It to the Pros.” 

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