Gutterglove Goes Galactic

For nearly two decades, we’ve been providing the gutter guard technology you can trust to do exactly what it’s supposed to: protect your home. We worked diligently to create gutter guards that can keep out even the smallest debris, everything from leaves and sticks to fire embers. And so far, we’ve done what we set out to do: Guard What Matters Most™.

But at Gutterglove®, innovation is the name of the game. So, recently, we started wondering … What’s next?

Because we know Gutterglove® is crafted from some of the toughest materials on earth, the only logical next step was to see how it holds up against more … unearthly conditions. And that means we had to go where no gutter guard has gone before.

*hums the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey*

So, we took Gutterglove® to space.

Why’d We Do It?

Why launch Gutterglove® into space? The real question is: Why not?

Space piques the curiosity of children and adults alike, and humans have been venturing out into the final frontier for nearly 60 years to try to satisfy that curiosity. Just in the last several years, the fascination with space travel has gained new traction, with talk of space stations, private launches, and even—look out, Jetsons—the idea of a moon base and sending a human to Mars. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in on the conversation and make gutter guards a part of it too.

If you’re here, then you probably already know what gutter guards are. But a lot of people don’t. And the truth is that gutter guards can have a significant positive impact on the look, condition, and value of your home. We want more people to know what gutter guards are, how they can benefit your home, and that Gutterglove® is the best option when it comes to guarding what matters most to you. By launching our product into space, we’re hoping to bring awareness of Gutterglove® and our superior products to – ahem – galactic levels.

Preparing for Launch

Like any good space explorer, we wanted to run some tests and simulations before our scheduled launch in December 2019. Obviously, rainfall and foliage aren’t concerns on Mars or the moon now, but who knows what a future lunar base might look like? What if it’s a biodome scenario and the homes within need protection from simulated rainfall? If people ever move to the moon, they won’t want to spend time cleaning space debris out of their gutters. Having Gutterglove® means more time for space walks!

Sadly, we couldn’t get our hands on any asteroid pieces or moon rocks to test them against Gutterglove®, but we do have plenty of pinecones. That’s basically the same thing, right? If our guards can stand up against those and other heavy objects, even with the force of Earth’s gravity propelling them, we feel confident that moon rocks shouldn’t put up much of a challenge either. And because we’ve tested our gutter guards against some of the finest particles we can find, we’re willing to bet Gutterglove® can handle space dust too.

Gutterglove® protects homes across the country, which means our products have to be well-equipped to handle the weather of all seasons in every region, including some very cold ones. But space is something new altogether. When our products came back home, would they show that they held up to the frozen cold of outer space? If they could survive the seriously-way-below-zero temperatures of outer space, then the frosty winter weather of the Midwest would be a breeze.

The Launch

Speaking of weather, we did have a bit of a setback when it came time to launch. It was Colorado, in December, so we suspected that might happen. While our gutter guards obviously had no issues with the mid-winter climate, our launch and landing equipment took some time to warm up, so to speak.

Still, we persisted and prevailed! As planned, on December 16, 2019, we launched Gutterglove® into space. You can watch the video here. If you’re skeptical of heights, watch it with a buddy – the footage takes you all the way up! (It spins a bit, too—try not to tip out of your chair.)

If you’ve ever followed a shuttle’s journey into orbit, you know that the landing back home is just as important as the launch. Not long after we sent them up, we celebrated our gutter guards’ safe return home. Now we know they can not only make the trip up, but they can also survive whatever space throws at them and come back fully intact. That’s what we call a successful mission!

Now, What’s Next?

Maybe in the (not too distant?) future, we’ll be the Galaxy’s Most Trusted Gutter Guards, providing sleek-looking protection against whatever weather we might decide to create on Mars or the moon—or anywhere else in the solar system. At least we know Gutterglove® is up to the task! Until then, we’re happy continuing to be the Nation’s Most Trusted Gutter Guards®. Our earthly mission is to see Gutterglove® on every home in North America. To some, that may seem like a bold goal to achieve. But, hey, we’ve already been to space so … how hard could it be?

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