Gutterglove: Years After

On January 3rd of 2011 Michael put in countless hours of research to find a solution for his home in desperate need of gutter guards. After noticing “Erosion and dry rot were really a problem…” as well as fear of failing off his ladder, he chose Gutterglove and had gutter guards installed on his home as well as rental home after finding Gutterglove at a local home show. “After looking at everything, Gutterglove was definitely the best thing on the market…” Nine years after the initial installation Michael needed additional gutter guards installed on his garage due to some areas of concern with severe erosion. With the help of the original installer, Michael not only had additional Gutterglove product installed on his home but had the opportunity to remove a section of gutter guard installed 9 years prior and peek inside his gutters to see for himself how clean his gutters were. Nine years later, spotless! The product was put to the test, and after years of evidence the product had proved its durability and performance. On March 3rd of 2020 Michael trusted Gutterglove once again to “Guard What Matters Most”, his home.

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