Gutterglove Years After: Jeff

When Jeff decided to remodel his house in early 2000, he visited a home improvement show to discover the best products and services available. His home is nestled in a valley, surrounded by trees, and he knew he needed more than a temporary solution for the debris that would collect in his gutters – he needed a permanent solution. He met his contractor at that home show, and they decided that Gutterglove would be the answer Jeff needed.  

When he moved to Arkansas shortly after the project was completed, Jeff was so confident in the efficacy of his new gutter guards that he left them to do their work for 12 years. No more worrying about clogs or cleaning!  

Five years ago, he decided to enlist his original contractor to perform additional remodeling work on that same home. The contractor removed Jeff’s Gutterglove, replaced the gutters, and reinstalled the original Gutterglove. He then installed new Gutterglove to the home’s new additions.  

Having seen the success of Gutterglove on his home, so much so that he kept the originals even after replacing his gutters, Jeff still remains absolutely confident that Gutterglove lives up to the promises it made when he first chose it—and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

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