Mark – 69 Years Young- Altadena, CA- Retired RN

Mark installed Raptor Gutter Guard 2 months ago now and is still just as happy with them as the day he installed! When speaking with Mark he broke down the decision process he went through in choosing gutter guards as well we some of the hiccups, scary price quotes and Eucalyptus tree headaches he faced along the way that helped lead him to his final decision to install Raptor Gutter Guards himself!

 Professional-Grade Gutter Guards 1/20th the Price of Other Options…

“I first heard about micro mesh gutter guards at the auto show where I saw LeafFilter display. I had them come out and give an estimate, but it was over $4000 for my property so I started researching other solutions. I found Gutterglove and watched a couple videos of how to install and then bought 98’ of guards online and self-installed. For 1/20 of the cost of the other company’s quote. The whole project took about 4hrs and that’s including cleaning out my gutters before I installed the gutter guards!”

 Ease of Install Made Project a Breeze…

 “Was fairly easy once I had practiced with the first few feet and then it became very quick (although I do have a relatively easy one-story home on which they are installed). I found them to be easily the best bang for the buck (especially for self-installation)” Mark pointed out as well how pleasantly surprised he was by the ease of installation and if he could it anyone could, no excuses here!

Clogged Downspouts and Gutters are a Thing of the Past…

“The old guards I had were the snap into place type and the mesh was very course and allowed a lot of debris to get into the gutters. I had a lot of clogging of the downspouts resulting from those gutter guards. Since installing Gutterglove I have had a good bit of rain since they have been installed and the top of the mesh is still quite clean, and the insides of the gutters are totally clean.” Mark additional mentioned that living just outside of LA, he is faced with several Eucalyptus trees that are constantly clogging up his gutters and when rain does hit the LA area it leaves him with horrible overflow and the worry of water damage.

Now, 2 months after install Mark has and will continue to recommend Gutterglove to friends and family, and even has a neighbor he is helping install Gutterglove on their home!

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