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Why Gutterglove Pro® is the Only Gutter Guard this Expert Trusts.

As soon as Eric Kolb of Vector Home Remodeling got his hands on some Gutterglove Pro® samples, he knew he had something special.

“Instantly, I was like, ‘This is it,’ Eric told us. Right away, he could tell it would be easier to install and he completed his first job using Gutterglove Pro® in 2008. “I’ve been rocking and rolling with Gutterglove ever since,” he added.

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Gutterglove Pro® solves the problems where other gutter protection systems fall short.

Before he found Gutterglove Pro®, Eric Kolb had a profitable business cleaning gutters that were supposedly protected by what turned out to be vastly inferior gutter guards. His company focused on gutter cleaning rather than preventative solutions. “I did not sell gutter guards because I didn’t think anything worked,” he said.

Eric’s clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. were hiring him season after season to unclog gutters whose guards or screens had warped in the sun or let in too much debris. Sometimes they had no protection, but even when they did, the products they were using clearly weren’t doing the job. “I had nearly given up on gutter guards,” Eric added, “But then I did a Google search and found Gutterglove Pro®.”

It's the most durable and effective gutter protection system available.

A few years ago, Vector Home Remodeling got a call from a client in Virginia. “He’d had Gutterglove Pro® for a couple of years when a tree fell on his house,” Eric said. The damage to the client’s roof, gutters, and siding was extensive. Eric’s team had to replace all of it. What they didn’t have to replace, though, was Gutterglove Pro®. “The gutter guard was unaffected,” Eric said. He and his crew simply reinstalled the client’s original Gutterglove Pro® once they’d fixed the damage to the rest of the house.

It works just as well on the year 20 as it does on day one.

Eric trusts Gutterglove Pro® because it’s what he calls “a permanent solution for your clogged and overflowing gutters.” In the 13 years he’s been installing Gutterglove Pro®, he’s only gotten a handful of callbacks from homeowners. “It’s almost always due to a small install error that’s an easy fix,” Eric said. “The product works exactly as they say it does.

The simple fact is,” Eric added, “Gutterglove Pro® is an amazing product. Nothing else even comes close.

Things to Know in a Pro’s Own Words

“Installing gutter guards under your shingles absolutely does not void your [roof] warranty in any way.”
“Gutterglove does not cause ice dams. They’re caused by other reasons, so you may still see them, but they’re not a result of your gutter guards.”

“Gutterglove Pro includes features that prevent moss or algae from collecting in your gutters.”

Get Gutterglove Pro® on your home!

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