1 Million Homes Submission Form

1 Million Homes Submission Form​

Please nominate a deserving household that could use a hand in keeping their gutters clean without ever having to climb a ladder again. Based on your submissions, we'll be selecting up to four winners, one from each group: Roseville, LaVergne, Franklin, and Remote. Each lucky household will get 150 linear feet of All Alluminum Mill Finish gutter protection for free. Make sure to send in your nominations by October 16, 2023 and let's make some happy homes with clean gutters!

Terms and Conditions: By submitting this nomination form, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

The nominee must be a homeowner residing at the specified address noted in the nomination. Nominee must be in the continental USA. This nomination is subject to verification by our marketing team. Nominations must be submitted truthfully and accurately and may not include employee’s personal household. The free gutter guards are subject to availability and offer does not include installation. The quantity of recipients and selection thereof, and interpretation of Terms and Conditions is at the sole discretion of Gutterglove Inc. Gutterglove may use the information provided in this form for the purpose of contacting the nominee and the nominator. This nomination does not guarantee that the nominee will receive free gutter guards. The nominee must agree to any additional terms and conditions provided by Gutterglove if selected.

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Tell us why you are nominating this family for free gutter guards. Please provide a brief explanation (250 words or less) of why you believe this family deserves to receive free gutter guards. Consider factors such as their financial situation, the need for gutter protection, alignment to our company values, and any other relevant information.
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